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Dormitories (Hostels)

ITBMU provides free accommodation for its students and monk teachers. All foreign students who join the University are provided with a well-furnished private room in Dormitories. There are five Dormitories for foreign students and since recently, University authorities arranged Hostels, in building at the scared Tooth Relic Pagoda compound, for local monk students.

In each of the main four Hostels for foreign students, there is a shrine room, where students are often seen performing Buddhist rituals and meditating. Sayadaws (monk teachers), too, reside in a separate Hostel compound beside the main building, where as Most Venerable senior Sayadaws dwell in apartments about the Sīmā Hall. All these Dormitories have free Wi-Fi facilities.

Presently, a new building is under construction as residence for Sayadaws (teachers). Apart from above mentioned buildings, there is a Dining Hall, a Kitchen for the use of students and a Medical Clinic, at student Hostel Compound. Moreover, in the collage compound there is a single store building as the residence for distinguished guests.