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Faculty - Faculty of Pariyatti

Department of Pāli Language
This department was established with the prime aim of producing students proficient in PāÄi Language of international standards. Six teachers, from Undergraduate classes, teach both, traditional grammar, based upon Kaccāyana Byākaraṇa, and Philological methods, under the Department. Very recently, seeing the importance of proficiency in the Language, PāÄi was made into a major subject for Postgraduate studies. Under it, students, who specialise PāÄi for the Master and Doctoral degrees, have the opportunity to penetrate further into Grammar books such as Moggallāna and Suddanīti together with the historical evolution of the Language. Moreover, to bring about acquaintance on philology of PāÄi words, basics of Sanskrit grammar are also taught. With all this backup knowledge students are always encouraged to penetrate into the original PāÄi Texts.