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Faculty - Faculty of Pariyatti

Department of Vinaya Studies
Prevailing of the Buddha Sāsana is the main objective of the Vinaya Department. Following the legendary saying made at the first Great Buddhist Synod “Vinayo nāma sāsanassa āyu”, this Department, with the help of seven qualified Sayadaws, renders theoretical and practical acquaintance in Vinaya to the students. Even during the course that of Undergraduate level, majority content of the Vinaya Basket is taught referring to their commentaries. Plenty of opportunity is available to penetrate deep into the subject during Postgraduate levels; in fact it is recommended to teach complete Vinaya Pataka during the MA course. Formal disciplinary acts such as Uposatha, Pavārana, Vassū-pagamana and Kaṭhina-paṭiggahaṇa and attharana, performed occasionally in the premises of the University, mainly under the guidance of Vinaya teachers, bring a live experience of the Theravāda Vinaya tradition to monk students.