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Bhaddanta Dr. Dhammappiya (Dean of the Faculty of Pariyatti)

          Most Venerable Sayadaw Dhammappiya is the present Dean of the Pariyatti Faculty in ITBMU. Sayadaw was born on the auspicious day of 4th June 1955 at Taze in Sagaing Division. Owing to his inherit desire for spirituality, Most Venerable Sayadaw, at the age of 8, renounced the household life and became a novice in 1963. His Higher Ordination happened in 1975, at the age of 20.  Sayadaw Dhammapiya, industriously continued his studies in Buddhist scripts and obtained the degree of Sāsanadhaja Dhammācariya. Having completed his monastic education successfully, Venerable Sayadaw saw the importance of being acquainted with education of academic standards. Driven by that vision, he visited USA, far away from his motherland, and started to pursuit international academic curriculums. There, Venerable Sayadaw completed the courses well and sound. From the University of San Jose in California, he graduated with B.A and M.A. degrees, and, then, with a Doctoral degree, from the University of California in San Francisco.

          Sayadaw's ability in teaching is highly esteemed by both clergy and laity. With sweeping knowledge in a large range of subjects and broad experience accumulated by associating world–class scholars, Most Venerable Sayadaw could easily teach to any sort of an audience with undisturbed mind. Approaches he uses to penetrate into Buddhism through Philosophical aspects make students to look at certain ideologies in completely new angles. Occasional lectures Sayadaw conducts with reference to Thesis writing are of a great assist for Postgraduate students. Currently Most Venerable Sayadaw resides at Ngar Kyan Pyan Yeiktar, meditation centre. He is also respected as a mediation teacher of Mahāsī method.