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Faculty - Faculty of Pariyatti

Department of Abhidhamma Studies
It could be said that Department of Abhidhamma plays a huge role in making students capable in understanding correctly and precisely the entire teachings of the Buddha. At the same time, its teachings pave students the way to abandon evil and abide with good through understanding the true phenomenon of life. Adding more to this, harmony among humans, too, arises indebt to the identification of intrinsic nature of irreducible elements of existence, the true means by which one reach beyond conceptual barriers of life. Under the tutoring of eight teachers in the Abhidhamma Department, during the first two years, Abhidhammattha Saṅgaha is taught, followed by teachings of Dhammasaṅganī-Mātika in third year. The Department recommends teaching rest of the six Texts in Abhidhamma, in accord with the skills of students, at M.A classes. It is seen most of students, here, writing their Theses about certain terminologies found in the Paṭaka, in order to widen their knowledge in ultimate realities.