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Most Venerable Sayadaw Bhaddanta Nandamālābhivasa is a prestigious, learned preacher, and scholarly monk, respected both in Myanmar and abroad.

Sayadaw was born on 22nd March 1940 at the village of Nyaungbin, in Sintku, Mandalay, Myanmar. Traditionally, in Myanmar, many boys were sent to monastery to receive education. Sayadaw was sent to monastic education at the age of six, later, at the age of ten he got a full ordination as a novice. After becoming a novice, he was named "Nandam" by his preceptor, U Canda (known as Sankin Sayadaw). Venerable Sayadaw, from that time onwards, studied very industriously and relentlessly in Pāli and other various Buddhist scriptures, under his elder brother, Sayadaw U Nārada.

He got Dhammācariya certificate from the government and many other titles at the age of sixteen. With effort and inspiration pursuer of Buddhist knowledge, he went on to Sri Lanka to study at the Keļaniya University in Colombo, where he got M.A degree and Doctorate degree.

In 1995, he was given the honourably conferred title of "Aggamahā Gnathavācakapandita" by the Burmese government and in 2000 the title of "Aggamahā Pandita".

Venerable Sayadaw he founded the Buddhist Teaching Centre, Mahā Subodhayon, in Sagaing, with relation to Mahāsubodhayon monastery. He has done religious works and missionary work both nationally and internationally, to promote and propagate the Buddha's teachings. He is invited to lecture Abhidhamma courses annually in European nations since 2003. Venerable Sayadaw is one of the well-known writers both in Burmese language and English language. He has authored dozens of books such as Buddhism and Vegetarianism, the Three Meritorious Actions in Buddhism, the Fundamental of Abhidhamma, the Dhamma Mirror, Patthann Myat Desana (Discourse on Pațțhāna), the Path to Happiness, Eight and One, the Exit of Mind, Samatha and Vipassanā and many other books.

Today he is the Rector of Sītagū International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing, and the Rector of International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU) in Yangon, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.