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Bhaddanta Dr. Chekinda (Dean of the Faculty of Paṭipatti)

Most Venerable Sayadaw Chekinda is one of the most well celebrated Buddhist monks in Myanmar. His ability in preaching valuable Dhamma in a simple and understandable manner is much appreciated by devotees all around the nation.

Sayadaw was born in Sagain on the auspicious day of 28th January 1958. Sayadaw was ordained in 1983 and depicting his talent in studying the Buddhist scripts, he received the titled of Sāsanadhaja Dhammmācariya, Sāsana Dhammanepañña Dhammācariya and Sasanajotipāla Dhammmācariya through facing religious examinations successfully. On account of his brilliance in preaching Dhamma, the State Government of Myanmar bestowed upon him the title of Dhammakathika. Sayadaw also received the title of Mahā Ganthavācaka from the State.

 Another conspicuous feature of Sayadaw's character is his compassion towards others. Since he has done a number of welfare work for people, the Government gave him the title name of Bahujanahitadhara. Following his course of helping others, Sayadaw has done a great contribution to up grade the infrastructural standards of the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University. Venerable Chekinda Sayadaw is currently the Dean of Paṭipatti Faculty. Sayadaw also organises world wide missionary works to propagate Buddhism and to bring welfare for humans.