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Bhaddanta Dr. Kammai Dhammasāmī (Professor)

          Most Venerable Sayadaw Kammai Dhammasāmī was born in 1965, in Shan State, Union of Myanmar. He ordained as a novice in his early teens, following his grandmothers footsteps. Being a young novice. Most Venerable Sayadaw took his course of studying Dhamma and Vinaya seriously and worked relentlessly on it. As a result, at the age of about 20, he obtained the Sāsanadhaja Dhammācariya degree; he was the only novice, in the whole country, to achieve such a success, during that time. Venerable Sayadaw's Higher Ordination happended at his age of 20.

          Seeing the importance of being acquainted with international standards of learning, Sayadaw Dhammasāmī went abroad and obtained his M.A. from Buddhist and Pāḷi University of Sri Lanka, in 1992. With an ambitious attitude to penetrate further into studies, he did another M.A., in 1993, at Keḷaṇiya University, in Sri Lanka, it was followed by a M.Phil. in 1996, in Pāḷi and Buddhist studies. Owing to his brilliance in knowledge of English and Buddhist studies, Venerable Sayadaw received a scholarship to Oxford University, in London. There, he graduated with a Ph.D.

          Not only in studying the Buddhist scripts, Sayadaw is also a famous meditation teacher in the western world. Moreover, he has compiled many Dhamma books explaining profound Dhamma in a simple manner. With vast experiences Dhammasāmī Sayadaw has contributed his skills into many arenas concerning Buddhism. He has works as an organiser in International conferences and dialogues (religious), moreover as a Supervisor (M. Phil. Thesis) and an Examiner (Ph.D. Thesis) in many Universities, and also as an Editor and an Author of many books. Most Venerable Sayadaw is a leading eminent figure in the Buddhist academia. At the same time, is a Honorary Professor of ITBMU as well.