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Bhaddanta Dr. Candavārābhivaṁsa (Pro-Rector Sayadaw)
         Most Venerable Sayadaw Candavārābhivaṁsa is the present Pro-Rector of the Acdemic Sector of ITBMU. Sayadaw was born on the auspicious day of 2nd November 1949, at Myit Wa village in Za Lun Township of Ayawaddy division. He entered the novice hood in 1959 at the age of 10, under the guardianship of Most Venerable Sayadaw U Vāsava, at Myit Wa monastery. At the age of 20, he received the higher ordination, at Sīlavisodanī Sīmā, under the preceptor ship of Most Venerable Sayadaw U Jotipāla, who was the presiding monk of kya Khat Waing Pariyatti centre. Owing to brilliant skills in studies, Most Venerable Sayadaw successfully passed Dhammācariy examinations with a Pathamakyaw gread. In his role of monastic education, Sayadaw has earned the titles of Sāsanadhaja Dhammācariya, Sakyasīha Dhammācariya and Cetiyangana Dhammācariya. Apart from these degrees, he also followed International Academic curriculums and achieved the 'Master of Arts' degree at Kalaniya University, in Sri Lanka.
         Sayadaw Candavārābhivaṁsa, following the advise of the Buddha to propagate his teachings, then, enrolled himself in the quest of transferring knowledge, he had earned, to others. Initially, Sayadaw had taught Dhamma in Pariyatti centres of Kya Khat Waing and La-Maing. Later on, he had served at the Yangon Pariyatti Sāsana University as a lecturer of Abhidhamma, subsequently as the Head of Pāīi Department. Apart from tutoring, Sayadaw also dedicated himself to serve the Sāsana further by serving as a secretary of Za-Lun Township Saṅgha Nāyaka committee. Currently, apart from Pro-Rector ship. Sayadaw also severs the Sāsana as a Professor in Theravāda Buddhist Vinaya at ITBMU.