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Bhaddanta Dr. Ādiccavaṁsa (Dean of Faculty of Religions & Missionary Works)
         Most Venerable Sayadaw Ādiccavaṁsa was born in Sagaing on the auspicious day of 19th June 1949. Sayadaw graduated with a B.A (Eco) degree in 1979. Then he achieved drgree in two Indian Universities, University of Nalanda and University of New Delhi. From the University of Nalanda, Sayadaw graduated with an M.A. degree and in 1993 with an M. Phil. from the University of New Delhi. Later on, due to successful completion in studies in Buddhist Philosophy, the University of New Delhi conferred him with a Doctoral degree (Ph.D) in 1998. Before pursuing University studies, during his monastic education, Sayadaw had already received the Sāsanadhaja Siripavara Dhammācariya award in 1978.
         Not having satisfaction only in his studies, Sayadaw has also dedicated himself to enlighten others, in both Myanmar and abroad, especially in Pāḷi Language. He has tutored at Khaung Daing Pāḷi Institute, Inle State Middle School and Triratana Missionary Pāḷi Institute in New Delhi. Far away from his mother land, in USA, Sayadaw had done missionary work to upgrade Buddhism in the West, while residing at Kesalarāma Monastery in Washington D.C. Currently, Most Venerable Sayadaw contributes to the Sāsana as the Rector of State Pariyatti University, in Kabhaye, and as the Dean of Religion and Missionary Works Faculty, in ITBMU. With much dedication, Sayadaw teaches Pāḷi Grammar to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.